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I invite you to join me, and take part in creating excitingly different and refreshingly unique personal portraiture together.  For me, photography is emotional, it’s visceral, it touches me down to my soul.  Photographs are not something you just look at, they’re something you feel.  I don’t offer pieces of paper with the likeness of a person on them, I offer custom crafted images that grab you, make you think, and keep you coming back to look at them again and again.

I believe that every person is beautiful.  It is my solemn duty to you to find that beauty and bring it out in my work with you.  I have had many clients call me after receiving their final prints, and tell me that I captured something in their image that no one else was able to capture before.  I am quite proud of that.

My photography business is small, it’ s personal, and that’s the way I want it.  I am the only photographer.  I am the only one who crafts  your photograph, and I do all retouching and enhancing myself.

 My philosophy in creating a one of a kind, hand crafted, artisan quality image of you begins with the practice of booking only one client a day.  This is my famous unlimited time, unlimited number of wardrobe changes session.  That’s right, I put no time limit on your sitting!  I don’t do a one hour shoot with 75 exposures or a two hour shoot with 150 exposures like the mass quantity studios who want to push you out and get another waiting customer in.  I don’t know how long it will take to capture that one, very special, very unique image that will absolutely thrill you the first time you see it. 

I take the time to shoot every different look you have, every glance that shows emotion, every nuance of every expression, or perhaps a shadow in just the right place, until I have assured myself that I have the one perfect image that defines your spirit and soul.  I can only accomplish that by  working with one client a day under no time pressure.  I know this is a non-traditional approach to operating  a business, but I don’t want to book a hundred clients a month, that would require me to trade quality for quantity, and I absolutely refuse to compromise on the quality of the images I provide my clients.  I don’t want so many bookings that I need to take on other photographers.  I work personally with every client, photograph every portrait myself, give you my undivided attention during your session, and take extraordinary care in creating, selecting, and artfully enhancing that exceptionally beautiful image for you. 


Current commercial projects

Fashion TemplateMichael Is the lead photographer for Ohio in the OhiovsMichigan swimsuit calendar. Featuring the best swimsuit models from Ohio.

"We are currently Involved in several commercial media and events this year.  Concourse Auto Body, American Apparel and promotional events"

Opening a studio in Louisville Ohio

Yes, we are currently making plans to open a studio in Louisville Ohio.  2009-2010 is going to be an exciting year!  I feel I will bring a new dimension to the Louisville, Alliance, Canton, and surrounding areas.  I will give High School seniors, Weddings, and Event planners a new option and a breath of fresh air, with a new modern style and options not currently available in the area market.

  Customized senior photos based on the person's personality and hobbies. 

~Michael J. Norman

Photo Restoration and Digitizing

Interested in having your photos or albums on a DVD?  Your timeless photos will be free from damage from fire, floods loss of any kind!  Have a priceless family photo that is weathered and in need of repair to its original condition?  Have a great snap shot of photo in need of enhancing?
Check out our photo service! Digitizing, Enhancement and !

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