Boudoir/Glamour FAQ's

 Thank You for your interest in tasteful, elegant, and classy Boudoir/Glamour  Photography.

I know Women who are contemplating Boudoir/Glamour Photography may be hesitant, a little nervous, and are not really sure they want to go through it! 
What I'll try to do is let you know how your session will go, what to expect, etc.
 I'll answer the types of questions I normally get from Boudoir Clients, and give you a ton of information to process-  I am one of those "Type A" people, and I thrive on information, so I guess I assume that everyone else wants just as much information as I want!

  1. What should I expect for my session?
  2. What should I wear?
  3. Shoes?
  4. How long will my session take?
  5. Where will I change and do makeup and hair?
  6. Do you recommend that I use a makeup artist and hair stylist?
  7. Can I bring my own MUA / Stylist?
  8. How about nails?
  9. How do I pay for my Photography session?
  10. Can I bring a friend? 


What should I expect for my session?  Well, expect to have fun!  Seriously though, I start every session with some time to sit down at the table, get comfortable, talk a bit, take a look at a Beautiful Boudoir Portfolio, have a bottle of iced water, get some idea of what you are looking for with your photos, look at your wardrobe, and get a general plan for your shoot.   I don’t expect Ladies to immediately jump into an outfit when they walk in the door.  My philosophy is to treat Boudoir Clients the way I would want my Wife or Daughter to be treated if they were going for a Boudoir shoot.  I am Married to a wonderful, beautiful, awesome, gorgeous Woman, my Wife Laura, I respect her, and respect Women in general.  I'm one of those old-fashioned geeks who holds the door open for my Wife when she gets in the car.  Actually, I hold the door open for my Daughter too.   (You will see a Boudoir photo of my Wife when you look through my print Portfolio)
I am pretty fun, though!   I seriously love what I do, and it shows in my attitude working with Clients.  I make a lot of jokes, I compliment people a lot, and I show you really great shots on the back of the camera when we capture them.  I get excited when I see a really great image for my Clients, and I want to share them!
To me, Boudoir Photography is about making any Woman look her best in a safe, comfortable, but exciting atmosphere!  Most any Woman is a little bit nervous when first thinking about Boudoir Photography, but, as my sessions go on, Clients relax, have fun, and really create beautiful, soulful, and exciting images.

What should I wear?   Well, that is entirely up to the individual-   Classic Boudoir Photography normally entails "Lingerie", and that can take in many different styles.  It can be as revealing or demure as you want.  I would say to go to Lover’s Lane website, and Victoria’s Secret website, and check out their outfits and accessories.  It seems that the classic "retro" black-seamed-stockings, garter-belt, spiked-heels look is back in, a lot of my Clients choose that as one of their outfits; many Ladies like Baby Dolls or Teddies: there are the tasteful and elegant Peignoir & Coat sets; a lot of Women like to wear their “Guy’s” work shirt with or without undergarments; and a lot of Girls like to use some item or outfit reflecting their man’s favorite sports team, hobby, car, or motorcycle, but the style is up to you.  Bring whatever you are comfortable in, go shopping and bring something new, see what your man is interested in, live a little, dare a little!   It's all supposed to be fun! 

Shoes?   Please bring lots of shoes in different colors!   I have several different styles on hand here in a couple sizes also.  I like to have a couple pairs of shoes represented in the different sets and poses.  High Heels accentuate the natural curve of the calf, and make the shoulders and back look their best.  Not to mention the feet!   Really nice and well fashioned heels make the foot look very feminine.

How long will my session take?   That is up to you!   I am the only Boudoir Photographer I know who offers the famous “No Time Limit Sitting”!  If you bring a small number of outfits, the session will take less time.  If you bring many, many outfits, plan on more time.  My sittings have ranged from 1 hour to 5 hours.   Another factor that can affect the time for your sitting is if you want to do makeup and hair after you arrive here, then plan on a little more time for that.   I have found that Women who are not professional Models can keep their energy “up” and not get tired for about 2-3 hours after the shoot actually starts.  (That means after makeup, hair, etc)   I do serve small snacks and keep bottled water, juices, and soda available for that purpose too.

Where will I change and do makeup and hair?   If you are doing hair and makeup, you will have the use of a private full-size bathroom with five foot wide mirror and counter space for your accessories.  I have blow-dryers and straightening irons, combs and brushes on hand if you cannot bring your own.  The changing room is another private bathroom with mirror that is just off the studio area.  If you do not bring one, I provide a large soft bathrobe to wear in between sets and outfits.

Do you recommend that I use a makeup artist and hair stylist?   If you are really skilled at doing your own makeup and hair styles, and are comfortable with changing the makeup and hair a little bit for different sets, that is fine!  I do have several MUA’s and stylists I use, they are available for a reasonable fee.  They are all highly skilled at their craft, and are all just wonderful and friendly girls.  Most stay for two looks, and then depart the shoot.  We plan out your shoot with the application of makeup and styles in mind for the pose flow.  You can choose to use both an MUA and stylist, or just one or the other.  One thing to keep in mind is that Boudoir Photography is by nature designed to make you look your very best, so, freshly washed and styled hair is a must, and makeup at the end of a business day probably really needs to be taken off and re-applied if you are coming in for an appointment after a day of work.  I highly recommend that you try not to do your Boudoir Photography after a full work day!

Make up artistCan I bring my own MUA / Stylist?    Absolutely!   I always welcome the opportunity to work with other Professionals, it often results in future cooperative ventures!

How about nails?  If you are skilled at nail trimming, dressing, and polish application, that is fine!  If you would like to pamper yourself a little and let a pro do them for you, that is fine too…   If you have broken or cracked nails, I would highly recommend a pro.  We are trying to put together an entire image of Beauty and Sensuality, and finger and toe nails are part of the picture!

How do I pay for my Photography session?   Payment is due at the end of your shoot, and cash, check, or charge are accepted.

Can I bring a friend?    Absolutely!  What I have found is that about 10% of my Clients will bring a friend or companion to the shoot.  Most Clients who bring a friend, after meeting me, will tell the friend to go ahead and pick them up later.  Some Women are comfortable shooting in front of a friend, some aren’t, but it is entirely up to you.  I do have a tv/couch room not visible to the studio area, so, if you want a friend to remain, but not view your shoot, that is available.  If you have your own MUA or stylist to accompany you, I welcome them.


Now, let me talk a little bit more about your appointment 

During your session, I work really hard to capture those very special looks, or glances, or poses that really define someone’s inner feelings and soul.  I laugh at some of the photographs people bring home from that mall place, they're terrible!  (And who wants their Boudoir Photography done by some 19 year old!)  During your shoot, I change the background and setting several times so that you have several different "looks" for your finished prints.   When you show your prints or album to girlfriends, I want them to think that you went to several different Photographers!

With the Premium Photography Package, when I say "unlimited time" for people who are not professional models, and used to posing, I find that most people do very well, and can stay "up" for the shoot, for about three hours.  I can get hundreds of exposures during that time frame, again, with several wardrobe changes.  If we need more time, or you have more outfits, we go longer!   I just recently shot a Lady who took advantage of my unlimited time offer, and she was here for five hours.  I only schedule one Client a day so that you (and I) do not feel any time pressure.
After your shoot, I brutally edit the work, and at that point, I am looking very critically at things like exposure, lighting and shadow placement, superior poses that work for you and make you look really Beautiful, and other factors that the Professional Photographer is concerned with.  I then work on retouching the "best of the best" 10 images for you.  (Or 5 for the abbreviated package.)
The retouching I do consists of removing things like scars, acne, bloodshot eyes, skin marks, stretch marks, and the like.  It is done to a degree that looks natural, and undetectable.  I also do a slight overall smoothing of the skin.  I can do more drastic retouching in some cases, what I delicately call "digital tummy-tucks" if someone wishes.  I can show you a couple examples of before and after shots if you want!
My turn around time is about 3 weeks from date of your shoot to finished prints, CD, or Premium Package Album and CD delivered to you.  The file sizes I give you on the CD can easily be printed to 30" X 40" if you want to knock your Husband's or Boyfriend's socks off!   Or, you can print out as many 5 X 7's as you want, or an 11 X 14 or whatever.  Again, the print option and CD option are priced identically, and the popular CD AND Album option is only $450.00.
I have hours available 7 days a week.  Sunday , Monday and Tuesday all day, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday afternoons, and for later in the day, my preferred days for evening hours are Tuesdays and Thursdays.
I can send you additional examples of different looks and styles, different lighting scenarios, backgrounds and settings if you wish to view more Boudoir images than are on my website.
My Wife tells me my style is very eclectic, somewhat moody, dramatic, shadowy, and as she says: "Just Different".   I like that!
Thank You again for your interest.  If you have any additional questions, or would like see more example photos than are on my website, please do not hesitate to ask!